Dr. BMA is an interactive medical specialist directory that allows the patient to consult or request medical second opinions with doctors in their state.

No. Dr. BMA maintains an independent contractor relationship with our specialists. They are not employees or agents of Dr. BMA.

Dr. BMA does not bill insurance. You will be responsible for charges when asking for medical advice on Dr. BMA. Should insurers provide reimbursement for these services in the future, we will reassess this policy. If your physician is provider on Dr. BMA, and your insurance covers telemedicine visits, your doctor may be able to bill for your visit. These services will be provided directly through your medical provider.

We will provide refunds when insufficient services are provided that do not meet the standards of Dr. BMA.com. We will review the inquiry and provide a refund if the services provided were below standards.

Your doctor will arrange for appropriate coverage. The covering physician will provide the same level of care that you are accustomed to. You will receive the covering physician's information and request for approval should this occur.

YES. All records, content, data, files, images and recordings are stored in a fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant environment.

Should this occur, follow the steps outlined in the login page to retrieve your information. We have created an easy-to-use automated process for a better user-experience. Otherwise, please contact us with your request.

If it is determined that the services rendered did not meet Dr. BMA standards, your fee will be credited back to the credit card provided for payment.

You won't miss work or have co-pays for the extra follow up appointments. We may also help save you money by finding more cost effective tests, avoiding unnecessary tests, or cheaper services for the same tests.

There is no need to. All consultations are held inside our online portal which can be accessed through any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection.

As soon as you receive confirmation of membership and log into your Patient Portal.

We encourage members to use the storage for medical records only. You may at times need to allow access to this information to a health care provider and may not want this access to any non-medical information.

If you are unsatisfied you can cancel at any time. We will provide you 30 days of additional access to your records so you can download your records. They will not be maintained after 30 days.

Telehealth is a general term that encompasses the provision of most health services at a distance. Telecare involves technology for continuous monitoring of patients. Telemedicine is what Dr. BMA offers, specific to health care services and education over a distance via telecommunications technology.

You do not need a referral to access advice from Dr. BMA. The only time you may need a referral is if your are going to have a telemedicine consultation with your doctor who may bill your insurance for the visit. Your physician will let you know if a referral is required.

A confirmation email will be sent to you along with a link for the online meeting room.